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Finest quality ingredients, locally grown and organic.

Exceptional dining experience in the Mara

Wouldn’t you love a 5-star dining service and experience in the Masai Mara surrounded by natural beauty, greenery, abundant wildlife and a seemingly endless stretch of the Savannah grassland? We know you would. And with our 4-acre organic farm the dining experience is additionally fresh, delicious and all natural.

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Dining with the Big Five

The spacious and comfortable indoor and outdoor dining deck full of elegance and life overlooks the Talek river ensuring you are always entertained and stimulated by the refreshing view while you dine. Our professional world-class chefs with outstanding culinary skills keep the restaurants colored with multi-cuisines from across the globe for every palate.

Our topnotch chefs do more than just preparing food, they create an experience for you. If you need an excellent meal prepared based on your personal needs and preferences and served in the comfort of your room, a personal chef is always available to turn your whims and wishes into reality.

The Poolside Barbecue offers a romantic setting for dining, with its sparkling blue waters, and a breath-taking view of the seemingly endless Savannah punctuated with abundant wildlife.

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Bar and Restaurants

Azure Mara Haven bar and restaurant are the perfect place to relax and enjoy after an adventurous day at the Masai Mara. The finest wines for all occasions are served and the ambience is designed for perfection with a view of the Talek river and a wood fired oven to light and warm up the interiors.

Our restaurants serve a wide range of specials and delicious cuisines prepared from local ingredients and from across the globe. The restaurants are lively with live bands, music and daily dining specials.

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